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By Simone Vysnovsky, Grade 8

Simone Vysnovsky

Simone Vysnovsky

Over the past year, our world has dealt with racial discrimination and racial inequality. God created us in his own image and didn’t want inequality. But along with all this discrimination, there are people who are standing up for what is right. The murder of George Floyd was like a start point for the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM). The BLM movement is a political and social movement protesting against police brutality and violence against black people. 

About 15 to 26 million people, around the world, have participated in BLM protests. You may think that these protests consist of mostly people of color, but that is false. About 95% of the countries that have had protests consisted of 75% white people out and joining the protests. They support equality and think that just because a person has a different color of skin doesn’t mean they should be treated without respect. These people want to spread courage and have. Since the start of the BLM movements, more and more people have joined. The protests even attracted young people like teens. Not only have people protesting made a difference so have companies who support the cause. Home Depot has contributed $1million dollars to lawyers helping people of color. “ We are dedicated to supporting you and our communities during this time with the goal of emerging more united than ever,” said Craig Menear, CEO of Home Depot. 

black lives matter signWhile some people show courage by going out and joining the protests, others use courage to spread the importance of equality through social media, allowing thousands of more people to see what is happening in the world. That takes courage too. Most people check social media and they can see what is going on because they might not be able to go out there. Through social media, people can share their experiences to spread awareness and courage to stand up to bullies. There are many cases of racism bullying at schools. God teaches us to spread kindness and love, which in times like this takes courage. It is time to take action for what we believe in, what God stands for (equality and love), and stop discrimination.

Take these young activists, for example, Yahshiyan Vines and Jzabelle. Yahshiyan is only 20 and so is Jzabelle. They both became activists at young ages and wanted to continue to make the world better. They used their courage to help others in the BLM movement. Yahshiyan said,” Take action, be on the right side of history. You want to tell your kids you were fighting for justice, you were fighting for equality, you were fighting to change the world.” Jzabelle said,” I remember thinking, Wow this is so cool. People in my generation are actually attempting to make a difference, like the people that we read about in history books.” These two amazing people are role models of courage to us because they stand up for what they believe in.